How to cast a Job Net

Athena Training UK is a leading training provider in First Aid, Health and Safety Food Safety and Social Care. We are also Job Search Consultants.

Our first peice of advice on Job search is to treat it like a Job. Plan your day, set objectives, (I will go to the library and check all the local papers ect)

CASTING A JOB NET. Pick 4-6 friends and ask them if there are any vacancies where they work, tell them how badly you need a job. Even if they say no, ask them to check anyway, they may not know if a vacancy is coming up, so ask them to contact Human Resources.

Next is to ask them to contact 4-6 of their friends and do the same thing. tell them you will call back in a week to see how they are getting on. this puts gentle pressure on them to do this.

You now have created some active job seekers working on your behalf. If you get anything back phone the friend directly and get the  name of who to contact, and ask if you can mention their name.  You are now ahead of the game.


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