Graduates, are you ready for the workplace?

Disturbing news, feedback from employers says many graduates are not ready for the workplace. A HR manager stated, when two new recruits came to see her to complain about their manager, who critisised their report, she told them “This isn’t university, there are no resits and no extensions for deadlines. He said this report is inadequate because it is.” With a glut of graduates on the market, employers now see no need to hold hands while they learn their trade. They expect their recruits to be able to perform.

So, what are employers looking for in new graduate recruits? Preferably work experience in a field related to your job role, but any work experience is preferred. What does working in a shop demonstrate?

The ability to work in a team, interact with customers, be prepared to get your hands dirty and have communication skills.

What else? language skills are preferred. Globalisation means the marketplace is both smaller, and bigger. You need to interact internationally, and any language skills are useful.

So how can you prepare for the job marketplace? Enroll in language courses and brush up your IT skills.Find a smal company in the feild you are looking for and offer to intern for them, they may be grateful for an extra pair of hands.  The majority of graduate jobs  now also require a range of Office IT skills and a few qualifications in this area along the way will be beneficial.

Good Luck


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