Telephone Interviews ten top tips

Busy managers sometimes conduct first interviews by telephone. this is the first hurdle to jump to get to the all important panel interview, so here are ten top tips that may help

Telephone Interviews


  1. Remember, this is your chance to stand out! They will make their decision who to see from this conversation. You have a chance, managers are too busy to call people unless they are genuinely considering them
  2. The interview starts as soon as the telephone is answered. The only thing they have to go on is your voice. Have a calm clear telephone manner, do not swear, even if you stub your toe mid interview. Practice speaking with someone you hold in high regard and speaks well and listen to their answer. Don’t try to be ‘posh’ it sounds false and be polite to everyone you speak to, you never know who you are speaking to
  3. Make sure there are no distractions, turn off the mobile and let someone else answer the door, asking an interviewer to wait while you deal with an interruption is never good, any goodwill built up has to be rebuilt and make sure your phone is fully charged (mobile or cordless)
  4. Make sure you have a copy of whatever you sent them, i.e., your CV and application form. They are bound to refer to them
  5. is there anything in your CV or application form you think they may ask you about like a gap in your work history or a qualification? Be prepared.
  6. have a pen and paper handy so you can make any notes, you can refer back to anything you discuss
  7. Google the company and print up anything relevant about them, especially anything in the news, you can discuss a new contract or recent expansion, it shows you are interested
  8. Remember the three questions they want to know. What do you know about us, why do you want the job, and why should we consider you?
  9. you want to be called for interview, make sure you know already, any periods you can’t make and how much notice your current employer requires
  10. have some questions prepared for them, generally speaking, questions about the benefits (i.e. salary, holidays etc are bad, questions about training, the role etc are good)

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