Looking for a job? Ten Golden Rules for Job Searching


  1. Treat it like a job; plan your day’s job search
  2. Set yourself targets (I.e. today I am going to send 10 letters, phone 2 friends and visit a new retail park opening)
  3. Keep a record of everyone you contact you might want to get back to them (Also the jobcentre can ask for evidence of what you are doing
  4. Keep pens and paper by the phone
  5. check your postal costs, use the wrong stamp and your form won’t be delivered
  6. Use your library – they have all the local papers and FREE internet
  7. check your qualifications, do you have to renew anything (I.e. forklift licence) don’t lose anything important or useful
  8. check your entitlement with your Jobcentre for any available  training
  9. sign up for any training courses available (but make sure it doesn’t ruin your eligibility for anything you really do want (I.e. funding may only be available for one level 2 course)
  10. Use the A.S.T.A.R. principle Ask Athena Training Uk for more details on this 

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